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Ahh, internet have exposed us to many good things, milf and suchs

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Working in School can be a bore at times. When huge events come around, you have to put in your efforts to do most of the SK jobs, shifting logistics, simple admin matters or even just standing by to help.

The first thing that i do when i log on to the school provided laptop would be checking emails, facebook and gmail. After that i have practically nothing much to do. Now the currently job scope is to take care of the OSG orientation booth at agora halls for the enrollment, which i would have to agreed, can bore me at times.

Working at such a environment makes me wonder what type of jobs do i really love. my current diploma seriously won’t bring me far, yet i do not know what are the future demands, i mean in terms of other matters. i do felt that it’s time to do something, like planning out my future plans.

but i shall keep it open at the moment, things MIGHT not go the way i wanted to.

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Sitex is coming!

As usual i will be working for Asus laptops. having a not very impressive record for the previous IT show, thus i am not expecting much from this particular show also.

NOT. my ass if i am not expecting anything.

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In regards to the previous post on powerhouse Google, here is another article from PC world on whether Microsoft is still the big bad wolf that everyone feared. Not to bash Microsoft, but Windows Live Services is not very attractive to me.

Let me list out the Windows products that i am using on my servicing (getting back next friday) laptop

Internet Browser – Firefox with IE tabs (many more!), i make use of the IE tabs because i┬ácan access school LEO and webmail using IE on the Firefox Platform.
Email Client – bare bones Thunderbird, perhaps i am not a email person and i do NOT spend so much time on emails. TB starts up faster than Outlook, but hey! i still do use office 07 as my main productive application.
Office Productivity – Office 07, provided as a freeware from the Republic.
Media player – VLC player for videos and Itunes for music, Itunes is not the best application out there in the market, but it just so cool to have a Macintosh app on a Windows based laptop.

That’s my current list as for now. others would be redundant. what’s yours? place them in the comments!

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Totally Crazy over my NDS. see? even the release of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core would move me over Super Mario Bros. All good things come to a end.

17th September marks the start of AY2007/08 2nd Semester, which also means this is my last semester in RP. sob.

there is so much i am going to finished in this half a year. bless me.

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the new ipod.

the size is abit off. but she wants it! =)

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7th Month

If i remembered right, yesterday is the start of the Getai Seasons, there’s even a website set up for IT Savvy Getai fanatics, than again, that’s not what i am referring to.

Naa. she knows it

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