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What the Beach Test Says About You

You like people, but you’re careful about who you get close to. Friendship is important to you… so important that you aren’t just friends with anyone.

You fall in love with ease and confidence. Even if you’ve had bad experiences in the past, each new love is a reason to start completely over.

You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You’re not passionate about much… and the few passions you have are truly obsessions.

Your sense of humor is sarcastic, snarky, and realistic. You’re not exactly happy-go-lucky.

I never really put such things in my blog before, but i know Hadi is a big fan of blogthings! i sure he spend tons of time on that website. I never expressed much interest in such quizes because generally most of them are not true. Some results are half half, but most of them NEGATIVE stuffs. The one above makes me think, are my jokes sarcastic yet realistic? OOOOKAY. Thats definitely sth interesting.

True enough, i am passionate in a few things. Honestly speaking, sometimes i am just too lazy to care about anything. HAHA!

the previous entry was about me falling sick, and so sick that i can’t sleep in the night! super ‘xing ku’ that i feel like vomitting but nothing came out. the saliva was so thick that i can’t shallow properly, my nose which conveniently was also blocked by all the err you know. One of my worse nights ever.

The days after is not so bad. Been working 9-6 these few days, showering my gf with loves (i am sure u guys don’t want to know the details. HAHA!), and simply hanging out in 368! simple life huh.


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Final Week

its final week yet not everyone is in class, but that’s fine. because its good to see everyone relaxing, and slowing their pace.

no more of those PPT rushing.
no more preparation of notes for UTs

perhaps i am just missing school.  free is the term to refer to graduation from this ‘bloody’ school, but deep inside. one would feel grateful to the republic for wondrous times.

oh well. stop acting la Kah Hao. say u will miss school.

come on?

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One last lap

Final Week, finish this week well.


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the feeling of deleting everything is so good.

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Surprise Surprise

C331: Digital Security and Forensics UT1 results are out! and i am shocked to get such a result. i am not going to announce over here, considering that i didn’t studied much for the test.

in fact, the moment i click on the ‘start UT’ buttom, i was telling myself, ‘die liao la. hoseh already.’ i than start looking through the question, i pulled myself and chiong though the test. God bless. =)

At times i really wonder whether God send Jasper down to send rain to us. being a basketballer, i would really curse the sky when it start to rain halfway when the game is just starting. today is really just another prime example of how true the previous sentence is.

after passing James’ PSP to HY, i went to the usual place 368 to look for potential games. as usual that freako KB is over there. the usual blahing and bullshiting, and his luck in winning me 7-6 in a one-on-one match. the main point is, the moment i call jasper to come over to 368 ASAP, the wind start blowing.

the rest is history.

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I am surprised at my own productivity and work done for today. Let me recall back a little. First I was sort of discouraged when i got my C for Digital Security and Forensics module last week, plus this two dominant classmate was in the same team as me due to lack of teammates. Does that ensure another C for me? I don’t know, but i will definitely know when the results come out.

Luckily for me, the lesson for today is rather fun, despite the two ‘strong’ teammates. We perform a seizure (as stated in the title) of a crime scene. Although a lot of mistakes were made and we have to stand in front of the class (saying, ‘YAR HOR’ and smile), nevertheless the lessons is still quite fun. Asking sensible questions like why should we off the computer or are we allow to touch the computer, and how? The answer turns out to ‘it depends on the situation’. dots.

I noticed something. i just can’t seems to spell correctly the word seizure. I know I didn’t do very well for my ‘O’ levels. But hey i am on my way to a diploma, so no one cares. After our long and draggy lesson (as commented by James), it’s lunch+afternoon tea+half dinner with HY and James. Guess what I ate. Curry Chicken Rice! The first thing James ask is, ‘you got eat spicy de meh?’

“Curry considered as spicy meh?”

I have actually tried the Japanese Curry Katsu rice which in fact is not spicy at all, considering that the Japanese actually don’t prefer eating spicy food. Comparing to the traditional food in Korea, it’s really weird that there is so many difference in their taste buds. Still, correct me if I am wrong. In regards to the above question, I myself don’t know the answer. The Curry Chicken Rice is pretty average. i don’t have much to rant about, considering that it only cost me S$2.50

After that, I followed James and HY for their FYP. We took some time to find where is the quiet room as quoted by ZM, who would have know that he actually chose the corner room all the way back in the library 3rd floor. James and HY continued on discuss on their FYP while I settle down outside to finish up my daily work (quizzes and RJs) and finally starting some work on my DFD. argh, which is a chore to do. Someone please motivate me again.

PS: oh ya. someone teach me how to enable anonymous comments or something along that line? PRETTY PLEASE?

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