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Starting out

When i first started this blog, i merely wanted to switch over from the full-of-fail blogger to a more user-friendly WordPress. That time, Google haven’t bought over blogger yet, and i want to use a service that is more recognised by netizen. POP! here i am in wordpress.

Or rather to emphasis the real point of this particular post, it’s to highlight why does people start out blogging? To blog about daily happening? Because everyone is doing it? Most blogs never mention that why did they start out blogging. Some blogs become very popular due to their funny/attractive writings, and they continued on the tradition, while blogs like Zenhabits and ThinkSimpleNow focus on a certain topic – which i also enjoyed very much.

Coming back to the topic, i do question myself on what am i blogging for? I first started out with playful intentions, but after switching to WordPress platform, the blogging ‘feel’ drops and i start to post lesser and lesser things. Every now and than, i would post random updates in my life, my views on certain – well entertainment – stuffs, and now introducing my soulmate to bring another side of her to this blog.

In the future, nothing is being finalised – This also means i don’t have anything on mind to focus this blog on. Although anything can happen, I still would like to expand my topics, improve on my english, and ultimately bring fun to my writing. As much as things goes, this blog is still here. heh. Ciaos!


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Guess what?

In the midst of working, and cheering quietly for my lunchbreak to be finally here, i came across this website on where to find the sexiest girls in the world. honestly, which single hot-blooded guy would skip this article when u come across it? Curious and not expecting to see a certain country inside, i clicked on the article (hey i am not being pervert ok). As usual, the standard countries like Korea, Tokyo and Havana came up, than i saw the last entry on the list.


Not to make up a big fuss about it, we should be proud of it! i mean if people does find our Singlish that the government is trying to get rid of, err sexy, than we should be promote that! keep the LAs and LEis intact in your daily conversation lei.

Okay, i don’t really expect people to read my blog during lunch time. so CIAOS!

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In a attempt to revive my posts in the blog, i have invited my dearest girlfriend to write some posts on it also. Now that at least it don’t look so dead around here.

Now that i have worked on the posting intervals, i would like to invite everyone who wanted me to link them to comment with their preferred name and of course, your website link.

Been testing out some new softwares these few days, me being the simplicity freak, would definitely loves to look at articles with the names like great alternatives to windows software AKA bloatwares. As all articles are, i would not agreed with all the recommendations that they have provided. The exception would be of course Apple’s Itunes. despite being slow at startups and the huge collections of music you have to organise if you didn’t opt for the option to let Itunes organise your music files

ps: even if you does allow, eventually it will still turn out to be huge brunch of messy music files.

Back to the topic of testing of some new softwares, it’s actually Pidgin and Mozilla Firefox. With Firefox very near to the actual release date and also in it’s final beta, it’s actually pretty safe to be using Mark 3.0 now.

The first thing that actually impressed me would be importing of all my profiles from Mark 2.0, aside some add-ons not compatable with Mark 3.0. This new version of Firefox is keeping all the original functions on the top task bar, yet changing the icons brings a new refreshing look to it.

All in all, i am not going to delve deeeeep into the specific new functions and going to give a ‘temporary’ concluson. ITS DAMN GOOD.

Bottom line: I love alternatives and choices to boring windows softwares, and Firefox 3 is always on top.

Another great software i am going to introduce is Pidgin, a multi-protocol messaging client. If you are not so IT-savvy, it means you can use msn, yahoo, google talk, AOL, IRC, QQ blah blah, you get the meaning. The latest version 2.4.1 have some major updates that even vetaran MSN user would appreciate, PULGINS. oh boy, how i love them, customising is always fun huh?

I am SERIOUSLY thinking to change over to pidgin, would you?

Bottom line: ok, i already have pidgin installed in my Fujitsu and using it constantly, why not change on ur temporary Acer.

HELL YEAH. i finished a pretty long (by my standards) post. Nothing much to warp everything up, tomorrow is monday, and it’s back to work guys. Till than, stay cool.

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Endless Holidays

Now with my Graduation in Republic Polytechnic, i am positively looking for a new interests in occupying my life with something new. in RP, i have my studies to look up to. During that time, i keep telling myself that i should focus on my studies (not forgetting her!) and nothing else. now that RP is step backwards, i should look forward and try out something new.

Yes i am working part time, i do value the experience working at Microware, but considering long term, i am actually looking at a job that i would really enjoy. i don’t really mind taking up another sales/marketing/promoting job, something else would be refreshing! oh well. i am going to take it slow for this job scouting aspect.

National Services is coming up real soon, but i got a problem. my weight is telling me that i am seriously not ready for the tough physical excerise that is prepared for me, and i am not doing anything to train up my body.  anyone can call me a NS noob, i really don’t know what is going to happen when i am inside, than again, the MAIN thing for me is to train up this body as soon as possible.

Someone please motivate me to do something. =(

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Intel is looking very strong with it’s Core 2 Duo (Extreme!) processor chips, and look like they are throwing AMD behind, very much further than you thought.

Before the mass audience are getting used to the Core 2 Duo chipsets, Intel is already thinking on the next generation processor. In my opinion, it might be Intel’s greatest mobile processor.

Not that i want to explain things very technically, basically its built on the 45 nm architecture and what does that mean? it means smaller processor, lesser heat and more power.

i am still skeptical on the power thing. calculating in percentage, the Core 2 Duo platform out performs the Core Duo by 20% (depending on usage and such). it would be best if the new 45nm processor to outperform by 30%. but its really unlikely to be such a case.

to be honest, i would not like to delve too deep into the technical aspect. i am just jealous why i am using a very lousy AMD processor, while the world is enjoying the duo generations. being IT savvy have its good point, firstly, when u are deciding on a notebook, you won’t simply believe that have ATI graphic card sticker on the laptop would mean that it would be super smooth with playing games.

my foot.

oh ya, the promoter that said having a dedicated graphics card meaning your screen will be clearer than a one having a integrated card is so going to hell for lying to customers.

i didnt know South Asia computers would hire such a inexperienced promoters. ROFL.

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Considering that Google is now the 5th most valuable company in the world, only behind the likes of Exxon Mobil (Oil Giants if i am right), Microsoft (DUH) and AT&T (All the iphones huh), it’s not difficult to see what other markets is Google trying to venture into.

Man.  i cant believe i am reading all this “politics” and chimology stuffs, is that signs of me growing old or the internet is just creeping up into me. Being a avid ‘feeder’ of the Internet, i read quite a few websites on a number of topics like productivity, technology, gaming and even food blogs (desmond went ewww when he knew about it, no big deal kiddo)

While going through all this, the word ‘hidden addiction’ came into my mind. i wonder does fellow ‘feeder’s goes to which weird websites or even admit to be addicted on playing lames java games.

I am not afraid to say so. i err check my warbook (facebook) everyday, and i check my gmail and not my webmail everyday even though i know that there wouldn’t be any read useful email coming in.

what about you? leave them in the comments 🙂

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If there is anything that would stop me from blogging, blame it all on her. really i am not joking. she is my world.

Before i go into the details (i think not), i shall change the topic to something that is not so NC-16. this is always a kids-friendly blog, with all the games reviews, random posts that is supposed to make people laugh (damn, i am sure i failed at that)

Sadly, those waiting for a proper update from my sad life, there is none. to be truthful, these few days have been filled with microware, republic, Ms Wen.

Yup i am have been working quite a fair bit for this month, and SORRY to the pool kakis that i am not able to make it for any pool chionging session. i am pretty sure you all can kick my ass on the table, and i am willing to sit through the night.

Talking about work, i hit my personal target for the month within 2 days, with Acer Roadshow at Funan, its all about luck, determination and the chiongster attitude. Only with stealing customer, you than can really reach high sales (and high salary) for the day. The only downside would be the place is filled with competitive people with the same mindset. sigh. i am not very good at this.

“Acer computers are cheap computers! and they shutdown within 10 minutes of booting up!”

The above was mentioned by one particular customer on the previous weekend, i knew at once that she didnt take proper care of her laptop, and come in straight to bash at Acer’s laptop. Lucky for me, i kept my cool and try to debate over the shutting down issue, redirect her to Asus computers, and guess what she say.

WHAT IS ASUS? later like another ACER.

To talk like this, i think i got a understanding of how much she knows about computers. god bless them. *pray*

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