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I am serious about the movie

I am serious about the movie

My Film of the year Award goes to the Dark Knight, enough said. there is no films that come close to the movie The Dark Knight, unless Christopher Nolan cast magic and come up with another Batman movie in this year. The Dark Knight is the final film to be released in what is called a Superheroes Summer, with films like Iron Man, Hulk and Hancock. With this movie release, Batman/Joker just pwn every other superheroes hands down.

Critics loves it, but my friends doesn’t. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with them – somewhere went haywire i think, WL say the part where the truck flip over, the movie just kinda went downhill from there onwards. I disagreed, cos the moment Joker appear, the movie just went uphill from the moment. DAMN, I honestly will run away if i see Joker walking towards me. YESH, he is that scary to me.

You might ask why am i only focusing on the clown, and not the main character like Batman/Wayne, or even Harvey Dent, because Heath Ledger is the real star of this film, he simply outshone other character performance. Like this article have pointed out, He is so unpredictable to me, i can sense his nevous-ness when he is proposing to the mafia bosses – duh, kill the batman – by sounding so easy. i can sense his cruelty when robbing the bank and getting rid of everyone in the process. His performance is just that damn powerful.

Hey, no one find that video made with the fake batman chilling? You guys are weird, but i seriously can’t wait for the next Batman to come out, What will become of Batman? Does it limit Nolan’s scope for next movie? Who are the potential villians?

No one knows, but i know we will never see the same Joker again. Salute his great last stand.


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I LOVE reading 8days, especially when they come up with a Jade Seah cover page, and wearing Fann Wong $15k dress.

but the first thing that came into mind, was did they wash it? assuming they didn’t wash it, than Jade is like wearing the leftover of Fann’s body smell. eww.

Other than that! This week is the numbers issue, and if u are wondering what number is that on my title. it’s my pin number. opps!

HAHA. i wonder huh.

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It’s always uncool to see such a unglam picture of the HANDSOME and proud owner of this blog. At least, you guys know how LAME can the both of us be.

The orange picture is a attempt to mimic the Sunkist Orange commercial last time when you guys are small, Remember? If you guys can’t remember, you probably don’t have a childhood. LOL.

OH YA. If you guys haven watch Iron Man, you might have just missed out on one of the greatest reviewed superheroes movies of the YEAR. Yeah, you hear me there. The actual reason i mentioned in this extremely RANDOM post is because there is a teaser scene at the end of the credits, and the MORE important thing is that i actually sensed that there might be a teaser scene in this movie, but i didnt noticed that there would be a extra scene at the end of the movie. ARGH.

I thought they would show The Dark Knight trailer, but they didn’t! i should have sense something right there. 😦

OKAAY, enough of the moaning and grumbling. I shall just get the DVD and watch it.

Random Rants aside, i got one pair of free Golden Village tickets, which i am saving for that special blockbuster movie for Summer. Dark Knight, Wall-E or even Indiana Jones? What shall it be?

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In a attempt to revive my posts in the blog, i have invited my dearest girlfriend to write some posts on it also. Now that at least it don’t look so dead around here.

Now that i have worked on the posting intervals, i would like to invite everyone who wanted me to link them to comment with their preferred name and of course, your website link.

Been testing out some new softwares these few days, me being the simplicity freak, would definitely loves to look at articles with the names like great alternatives to windows software AKA bloatwares. As all articles are, i would not agreed with all the recommendations that they have provided. The exception would be of course Apple’s Itunes. despite being slow at startups and the huge collections of music you have to organise if you didn’t opt for the option to let Itunes organise your music files

ps: even if you does allow, eventually it will still turn out to be huge brunch of messy music files.

Back to the topic of testing of some new softwares, it’s actually Pidgin and Mozilla Firefox. With Firefox very near to the actual release date and also in it’s final beta, it’s actually pretty safe to be using Mark 3.0 now.

The first thing that actually impressed me would be importing of all my profiles from Mark 2.0, aside some add-ons not compatable with Mark 3.0. This new version of Firefox is keeping all the original functions on the top task bar, yet changing the icons brings a new refreshing look to it.

All in all, i am not going to delve deeeeep into the specific new functions and going to give a ‘temporary’ concluson. ITS DAMN GOOD.

Bottom line: I love alternatives and choices to boring windows softwares, and Firefox 3 is always on top.

Another great software i am going to introduce is Pidgin, a multi-protocol messaging client. If you are not so IT-savvy, it means you can use msn, yahoo, google talk, AOL, IRC, QQ blah blah, you get the meaning. The latest version 2.4.1 have some major updates that even vetaran MSN user would appreciate, PULGINS. oh boy, how i love them, customising is always fun huh?

I am SERIOUSLY thinking to change over to pidgin, would you?

Bottom line: ok, i already have pidgin installed in my Fujitsu and using it constantly, why not change on ur temporary Acer.

HELL YEAH. i finished a pretty long (by my standards) post. Nothing much to warp everything up, tomorrow is monday, and it’s back to work guys. Till than, stay cool.

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Superbad is about this two co-dependent kids worrying about whether they can get laid on graduation night, and various events that leads to their separation.

the interesting part about the movie is that its actually based on a actual real life story by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (not everything are original definitely) The movie is M18, hence you can expect a lot F word flying all over, and usual ‘knocked up’ style of jokes. this is considered by critics of being a mainsteam American comedy, and i am sure it would not be major hit in a Asian country like Singapore.

To tell the truth, i tell my friends to watch ‘knocked up’ this movie, and they asked me what is it. damn. you guys should really surf more internet. i must admit, i learned some valuable stuffs on the internet. it’s not as bad as you think, the R21 stuffs only make up like err 10% of what is in the World Wide Web.

Anyway as the movie is from the same production team that made ‘The 40 year old virgin’ and ‘Knocked up’ i knew i have to watch this somehow, BUT not illegally.

Ohh well.

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I am a cook!

Always look beneath the beneath.


OK, those who watched Naruto manga would understand this. What does it have to do with today’s post. i err watched Ratatouille at Bugis Junction 8 today!

If there is anything i would want to complain about the whole movie experience, it would be the seats. Shaws doesn’t really have fantastic seats. i was telling her that if there is someone taller than me sitting in the front seats, it would have been GGed.

Back to the movie Ratatouille, which has quite a well thought’ed out plotlines (perhaps because of the loveable characters and the RATS of course) is very much suitable for everyone else to watch. kids will love it. teens will love it(both of us did, unless u readers don’t consider us as teens.) adults who tried to act like kids will love it.

Story: Ratatouille tells about a tale of a Rat called Remy who is inspired by France’s recently deceased top chef, Auguste Gusteau (goos – too. something along that line.), he than tries to live the life of a gourmet.

Simple storylines when you read on paper or watched the trailer, but it’s really more than what the posters and trailer tells you. As usual, i would not want to spoil the story for you, because of the brilliant reviews that critics have given to the movie. Always remember that anyone can cook!

Like all typical pixar movies, the animation team would come up with another short movie before the actual movie. this time round, Lifted gave a different perspective (or shall i say comedical look at how alien abducted humans to their spaceships ) to what will happen when they are new to handling such scenarios. the poor little alien really look exactly like how we are reacting when we are taking our Car License.

For those who wishes to view the short film, it’s actually available in Youtube (if i am right)

Aftermath thoughts : somewhat of a motivated mood. Pixar always incorporate details from other films like Cars and also Finding Nemo. the theme is definitely going for your dreams even when the whole world is against you. in Remy Situation, would you pursue your dreams when you know that it’s almost 0% to succeed? it’s a animation movie after all, but i really appreciate the effort in making details like which part of the shirt will stick to the body when u come out of water. (i heard they really did that in real life by having one of the animators to jump into the swimming pool wearing a kitchen suit).

Wall – E is the next upcoming movie by pixar, and is directed by the same guy who bought you Finding Nemo. i CANT WAIT. LOL

Trust me. Watch it.

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A not-so-professional review/critic at movies that caught my eyes

Secret is the latest movie by Jay Chou, which i really appreciates, not only in terms of Music but also his efforts in making his own movie. (i mean the director himself)

What’s a better way to kick start his directing career than to direct a movie of his first love. i remembered him saying that having a relationship between 14 -20 is the so called ‘happiest’ moment, because there isn’t any burden to bear.

Overall i must admit that i have mixed feelings about this movie. the good things about this movie is that it’s shot beautifully. set in the1970s, the uniforms are pretty (i would loved to wear such uniforms to school) accompanied with a old school. plenty of humor and both the lead female characters are very very very very very pretty.

bad is a unbelievable story. i am not bashing the whole concept, and i really dun wish to spoil the story away. let’s just sum it up in one sentence, no i mean one word. secret. =)

i would wish to comment on the ending where Jay might leave the audience wanting more. not a bad thing overall, because this would really leave to audience imagination what really happens.  really hope that she enjoy the movie, cos i am not very sure she did enjoy or not.

ok. now tell me. did i spoil the movie? 7.3/10

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