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New New Super Mario Bros

Yup, i am pretty much hooked to this game. not the old version. and when i mean the old version, i mean the one where you played with ur GBA, or for those who are a wee bit older, your bulky game boy.

oh my oh my. those days where i chiong Megaman (awfully difficult), Super Mario Bros(easy in the first run, try the second time.), or even Donkey Kong (guess what? i cant complete it)

my NDS seems to bring some old time memories back to my aunt and my mum. yup. she have been asking from me to play some mario. guess she is still very young at heart. VERY. Brandon have been asking to play some cooking games also. i made the right decision to buy the Nintendo DS but although i shouldn’t have rushed in the purchase at that particular shop.

for those who are STILL considering which set to buy for your on-the-go gaming needs. take the Nintendo DS Lite for the Nintendo Trademark Games, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, or even Pokemon Pearl.

PSP is still the multimedia machine, but the pokey loading times, and button layout still puts me off. looking for Wi-Fi? NDS got it. Games that last u the whole day? NDS got it.

What? still not convinced? look at the sales numbers.

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Ghost Month

this is not a very good month for me, but on a personal level. i err bought myself a NDS Lite. with the R4 car, mini SD card, Protective Case and Screen guard!


Anyone wanna challenge? =) i welcome any challenges for Mario Kart. LOL

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what a dumbass. i am beginning to respect Sony for what they are doing to help push PS3 sales and making it a contender to Nintendo and Microsoft.

but what the hell are u doing now?

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Yup, that’s the percentage jump after Sony announced the price cut of $100. it’s also the number one item on amazon. now the PS3 price tag should be $699.

Affordable? HELL YEAH.

E3 is happening in US from today till 13th July. all i hope is more news from Square Enix, and NO news about Nintendo DS redesign or whatever shit. hey wait, wouldn’t be a price cut be good? oh come on Nintendo. it’s been 6 months since your last cut.

100 will do? i am sure that the percentage jump around 5600% if u do.

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i can’t wait. oh wait? they are predicting PS3 to sell more than 10 million before they released it?

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