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Protected: Happy 2nd Anniversary baby !!!

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BY RIGHT dearest should be with me now but why am i staying at home waiting for his call instead? =( he can only book out tml afternoon and back on Sunday evening ! SIAN ! dearest, i miss u so badly ! =(

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Wee ! Recruit K H Tay will be booking out tml evening after 2 weeks of intensive training ! I seriously cant wait for it ! first time for not seeing him for bloody 2 weeks =(

Fer and I are going to fetch our dear tml at Pasir Ris and are ready to surprise them with stuffs ! but sad thing is no intimitate acts when they are in full uniform =(

Till then, we shall wait for the pics to be uploaded after he’s botak. Below is the before ! =)

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A Twist in my Story

It’s been a while since i update my blog here, much apologies! there don’t seems to be any response anyway. it’s FSS chalet over the weekends, never took much pictures except for a few. Those interested, can go to my facebook and look at the stupid pictures.

Overall the chalet is just feeling very ‘FUCHUN’. same old joke of raping, watching tv. honestly it’s boring, but can’t help feeling happy/sad/mixed/nice/(insert any word u like) seeing all the schoolmates moving on with university, NS and work.

oh well, to each their own. I am moving on through, NS is waiting for me already, and i can feel the government ready to bond me for 2 years liao. AIYO.

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Lunch in Peace

I want to eat my lunch in peace, how i miss the days where the both of us can still choose what to eat for lunch. there is simply too many people in school la! SHOO!

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Only one

When i mention the word LEVIS, one would think of the signature jeans that they are famous for.

The main point is the first product that i buy from Levis is actually a watch, and i loved it. Pity i need to bring for servicing. wonder if they replace the glass panel.

SOBS. i really loved that watch, i don’t mind it being a bit heavy on my left waist. i loved it for NOT its price, but the value of the watch.

PLUS i don’t need to worry people wearing the same watch as me. XD that’s comforting enough.

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i am not working these weekend and she is not on my side. why!?

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