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Everytime i come back to this page, trying to type something new into the blog, my mind would just go blank. Its not that i do not want to update this page, but i just go err err *poof*, TOTALLY blank when i wanted to type something intellectual.

Sounds like i do not have ideas for posts, nevertheless the next stage in my NS career have come and gone past me. I am currently posted somewhere in the north, hidden behind a innocent looking golf course. Most of the time is staring at the computer screen and trying to look like i am extremely busy when i am actually not. I still got caught at times to do some minor tasks like fetching mails and such.

Oh well, i shall not complain. When man complains of too much work, they would yearn for a slacker vocation, Once you get to the freeloading dream vocation, one would complain of too little things to do. This vicious cycle never ends. i do miss the times where i would stare into nothing right after a long day under the sun, whining to everyone that come along, but i do not miss the training and the endless preaching i done to my mind DURING the training.

I can’t get the best of both worlds, so i shall not complain. Everything has its good and bad, learn to love the good and ignore the bad.

One of the good thing would be how light i felt in a long while. Anyone got that growing up feeling where you felt that you are bearing more responsibilities, more bills to pay and more expectations to meet. I am pretty sure everyone around me is feeling that. I used to think once i get my grad cert from RP. REALITY STARTS NOW! but hey, i aren’t feeling any of that sinking feeling. I clear everything  i could, everything before me are options. I am open to practically anything.

and what should i do?

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15th May

most torturing 51mins of my life. I can’t even remember what is going through my mind at that time, just lying down straight after i cross the finish line. After that its just smiling from ears to ears. Now that i am left with one more test to go, this coming week is going to be one of the best week ever. =)

Apart from that burst of every particle of my energy to complete the test on friday, nothing much have been going on. Star Trek seems like a must watch summer movie to catch on saturday, both of us decided on Vivocity and Carls Junior, but the tickets are already selling fast for all the primetime slots, leaving 22:00 timeslot or later.

Guess we will catch it on the next coming weekend. Her exams are coming like real soon, on the week after we pass out on friday, so can’t be celebrating too much.  Got to book in like soon. Laters guys.

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Currently i am attending a course at PLC, which is both mentally and physically torture, everyday is just pushing my body to the limit, and our grand finale is really a mindfcuk just by saying the name.

All in all, i have faith everyone will just pass out together, meet up someday and still laugh over what we have done for the past 3 months. No doubts they will probably be one of my closest friends i will ever have in the army, provided we keep in contact, but considering we are a vey small family, we won’t drift apart that far. Enough of all the brotherhood thingy, I managed to squeeze some time out to post something on the blog is mainly because i feel like writing something on it. 🙂

Not that i am a extremely busy person, just that i don’t know what to do when i come online, u might see me online for a few hours straight, but i am just staring at the same old websites; Facebook, Gmail and probably another few other blogs that i still follow. I don’t even bother to keep track of my feeds already, there are too many of RSS feeds for me to read, that its impossible to digest everything in my weekends. The rest of the time? just going outside to eat some nice good food (in my sense, anything is far better than cookhouse food.)

Hey! come think about it, does anyone come over to my blog and notice that i am actually writing something here, well might not be at this particular moment, because they think i am neglecting this space already. but HEY! i think writing journal is a chore.

HAHA. i know i am contridicting myself. ciaos.

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