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Everytime i come back to this page, trying to type something new into the blog, my mind would just go blank. Its not that i do not want to update this page, but i just go err err *poof*, TOTALLY blank when i wanted to type something intellectual.

Sounds like i do not have ideas for posts, nevertheless the next stage in my NS career have come and gone past me. I am currently posted somewhere in the north, hidden behind a innocent looking golf course. Most of the time is staring at the computer screen and trying to look like i am extremely busy when i am actually not. I still got caught at times to do some minor tasks like fetching mails and such.

Oh well, i shall not complain. When man complains of too much work, they would yearn for a slacker vocation, Once you get to the freeloading dream vocation, one would complain of too little things to do. This vicious cycle never ends. i do miss the times where i would stare into nothing right after a long day under the sun, whining to everyone that come along, but i do not miss the training and the endless preaching i done to my mind DURING the training.

I can’t get the best of both worlds, so i shall not complain. Everything has its good and bad, learn to love the good and ignore the bad.

One of the good thing would be how light i felt in a long while. Anyone got that growing up feeling where you felt that you are bearing more responsibilities, more bills to pay and more expectations to meet. I am pretty sure everyone around me is feeling that. I used to think once i get my grad cert from RP. REALITY STARTS NOW! but hey, i aren’t feeling any of that sinking feeling. I clear everything¬† i could, everything before me are options. I am open to practically anything.

and what should i do?

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