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15th May

most torturing 51mins of my life. I can’t even remember what is going through my mind at that time, just lying down straight after i cross the finish line. After that its just smiling from ears to ears. Now that i am left with one more test to go, this coming week is going to be one of the best week ever. =)

Apart from that burst of every particle of my energy to complete the test on friday, nothing much have been going on. Star Trek seems like a must watch summer movie to catch on saturday, both of us decided on Vivocity and Carls Junior, but the tickets are already selling fast for all the primetime slots, leaving 22:00 timeslot or later.

Guess we will catch it on the next coming weekend. Her exams are coming like real soon, on the week after we pass out on friday, so can’t be celebrating too much.  Got to book in like soon. Laters guys.

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