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I am serious about the movie

I am serious about the movie

My Film of the year Award goes to the Dark Knight, enough said. there is no films that come close to the movie The Dark Knight, unless Christopher Nolan cast magic and come up with another Batman movie in this year. The Dark Knight is the final film to be released in what is called a Superheroes Summer, with films like Iron Man, Hulk and Hancock. With this movie release, Batman/Joker just pwn every other superheroes hands down.

Critics loves it, but my friends doesn’t. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with them – somewhere went haywire i think, WL say the part where the truck flip over, the movie just kinda went downhill from there onwards. I disagreed, cos the moment Joker appear, the movie just went uphill from the moment. DAMN, I honestly will run away if i see Joker walking towards me. YESH, he is that scary to me.

You might ask why am i only focusing on the clown, and not the main character like Batman/Wayne, or even Harvey Dent, because Heath Ledger is the real star of this film, he simply outshone other character performance. Like this article have pointed out, He is so unpredictable to me, i can sense his nevous-ness when he is proposing to the mafia bosses – duh, kill the batman – by sounding so easy. i can sense his cruelty when robbing the bank and getting rid of everyone in the process. His performance is just that damn powerful.

Hey, no one find that video made with the fake batman chilling? You guys are weird, but i seriously can’t wait for the next Batman to come out, What will become of Batman? Does it limit Nolan’s scope for next movie? Who are the potential villians?

No one knows, but i know we will never see the same Joker again. Salute his great last stand.


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First thing first when dearest msg me in the afternoon after he woke up was ‘ i saw the red package’. At first, i tot what chinese new year red package den i asked ‘the NOW card’? and yeah baby replied was ‘yes’. WOHOOO *claps claps* after about 1 week of waiting we fianlly got our NOW card! weeee!

Owells, you all might wonder why both of us are so freaking happy when we received that card, is because it’s just the right card for u if u are a person who loves to shop and pamper urself from head to toe , from inner to outer of ur body, from the 5 organs to ur skin and whatsoever la huh! They gives discounts to almost everything or rather every shop and place which u can think of. Im not trying to blow a horn but it’s ture, if u go and look at the list of benefits and the amount of shops participating, it will really make u go wulala! It’s like 1000 pages of different shops laaa ( ok this is abit over).

Over the weeks when dearest and me went for shopping, we are like controlling ourselves not to get things that we like until we got our NOW card. And now that we got the NOW card, this definitely motivates me and dearest to work super hard to earn money and spend on all the wants and needs using that card and also to hit the $2400 transactions annually to waive the $18 charge subsequently after the 1st year.

But than again, why does M1 and apple did not participate?? then i will be able to get discounts for my new phone and ipod ! I am going to work damn hard and shop for nice clothes and stuffs for myself and dearest! And he really need more tops !(and he’s kinda picky huh..oops) and i go get my FYP attire and my g2000blu top using the NOW card already ! HURRAY !

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Guess what?

In the midst of working, and cheering quietly for my lunchbreak to be finally here, i came across this website on where to find the sexiest girls in the world. honestly, which single hot-blooded guy would skip this article when u come across it? Curious and not expecting to see a certain country inside, i clicked on the article (hey i am not being pervert ok). As usual, the standard countries like Korea, Tokyo and Havana came up, than i saw the last entry on the list.


Not to make up a big fuss about it, we should be proud of it! i mean if people does find our Singlish that the government is trying to get rid of, err sexy, than we should be promote that! keep the LAs and LEis intact in your daily conversation lei.

Okay, i don’t really expect people to read my blog during lunch time. so CIAOS!

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Ahh, internet have exposed us to many good things, milf and suchs

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A Twist in my Story

It’s been a while since i update my blog here, much apologies! there don’t seems to be any response anyway. it’s FSS chalet over the weekends, never took much pictures except for a few. Those interested, can go to my facebook and look at the stupid pictures.

Overall the chalet is just feeling very ‘FUCHUN’. same old joke of raping, watching tv. honestly it’s boring, but can’t help feeling happy/sad/mixed/nice/(insert any word u like) seeing all the schoolmates moving on with university, NS and work.

oh well, to each their own. I am moving on through, NS is waiting for me already, and i can feel the government ready to bond me for 2 years liao. AIYO.

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