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What the Beach Test Says About You

You like people, but you’re careful about who you get close to. Friendship is important to you… so important that you aren’t just friends with anyone.

You fall in love with ease and confidence. Even if you’ve had bad experiences in the past, each new love is a reason to start completely over.

You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You’re not passionate about much… and the few passions you have are truly obsessions.

Your sense of humor is sarcastic, snarky, and realistic. You’re not exactly happy-go-lucky.

I never really put such things in my blog before, but i know Hadi is a big fan of blogthings! i sure he spend tons of time on that website. I never expressed much interest in such quizes because generally most of them are not true. Some results are half half, but most of them NEGATIVE stuffs. The one above makes me think, are my jokes sarcastic yet realistic? OOOOKAY. Thats definitely sth interesting.

True enough, i am passionate in a few things. Honestly speaking, sometimes i am just too lazy to care about anything. HAHA!

the previous entry was about me falling sick, and so sick that i can’t sleep in the night! super ‘xing ku’ that i feel like vomitting but nothing came out. the saliva was so thick that i can’t shallow properly, my nose which conveniently was also blocked by all the err you know. One of my worse nights ever.

The days after is not so bad. Been working 9-6 these few days, showering my gf with loves (i am sure u guys don’t want to know the details. HAHA!), and simply hanging out in 368! simple life huh.

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Get Well Soon Boyfriend!

Dearest boyfriend is sick =((. Now, i really believe that he cant take too much mineral water nor water cooler and i think I am going to get him a 1 litre water bottle so as to make sure that he wont refill it with water cooler in school.

Reason why i say he cant take too much on the above mentioned water is that through serveral experiments, he ALWAYS get sick when he take in large amount of ‘not cook’ plain water. So friends around him, please please don give him drink too much ‘not cook’ plain water ok?or stop him when he does. =)

Boyfriend, please get well soon ok? Course you promised me for a nice shopping spree on the weekend and i MISS that hyper dear! LOVES! =)

Happy 17th dear!!

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I LOVE reading 8days, especially when they come up with a Jade Seah cover page, and wearing Fann Wong $15k dress.

but the first thing that came into mind, was did they wash it? assuming they didn’t wash it, than Jade is like wearing the leftover of Fann’s body smell. eww.

Other than that! This week is the numbers issue, and if u are wondering what number is that on my title. it’s my pin number. opps!

HAHA. i wonder huh.

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Seriously, i want my rape pictures like now.

(not me being raped through, don’t think so much)

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