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School is as boring like always. =( Mr Tay is the ONLY motivation to drag myself to school every morning. Im looking forward to the weekend and of course i hope to play with Mr Tay’s cute lil cousin Brandon Kang soon!!!

One of our friends recently found himself a gf and he’s showing off to us and he jus wanna compete with us with the ‘loving couple of the year’ title. Hence, if that person happen to read at this blog,


ya FYP is here to stay I HATE IT!!!

i miss him!! LOVES! =))

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Today is Vesak Day, So here a wish to all buddhist a happy Vesak Day. As a matter of fact, i don’t celebrate Vesak Day as it should be.

My girl have to makan vege for half a day, but due to the fact that we went to the stadium and run, by the time we reach home, it’s 12pm already. LOL! not much of being a vege for half a day huh.

Nothing much to report over this blog, other than the major shopping on sunday and some slacking at home today, it was a well spent weekend with my girl nevertheless. i can’t wait for the weekends to come now!

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It’s always uncool to see such a unglam picture of the HANDSOME and proud owner of this blog. At least, you guys know how LAME can the both of us be.

The orange picture is a attempt to mimic the Sunkist Orange commercial last time when you guys are small, Remember? If you guys can’t remember, you probably don’t have a childhood. LOL.

OH YA. If you guys haven watch Iron Man, you might have just missed out on one of the greatest reviewed superheroes movies of the YEAR. Yeah, you hear me there. The actual reason i mentioned in this extremely RANDOM post is because there is a teaser scene at the end of the credits, and the MORE important thing is that i actually sensed that there might be a teaser scene in this movie, but i didnt noticed that there would be a extra scene at the end of the movie. ARGH.

I thought they would show The Dark Knight trailer, but they didn’t! i should have sense something right there. 😦

OKAAY, enough of the moaning and grumbling. I shall just get the DVD and watch it.

Random Rants aside, i got one pair of free Golden Village tickets, which i am saving for that special blockbuster movie for Summer. Dark Knight, Wall-E or even Indiana Jones? What shall it be?

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Boyfriend officially invited me to post on his blog, so what does this means? owells simple, those who has been secretly admiring him or those who wanna play some gay-ness relationship. GET LOST! thou i know the fact that boyfriend is so charming and irresistible, but too bad lar huh. HE’S MINE!!! =)) Like what boyfriend says, no one will be interested in our daily life. Know why? course he’s scared that people out there reading will be envy of us and get jealous. so ya let me share with you some nice nice picture of my dearest Mr Tay alright? =)

I seriously think my dear is going to kill me after reading this post.HAHAHA.. I love u thou dearest!! =)

Loves: Ms Wen

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In a attempt to revive my posts in the blog, i have invited my dearest girlfriend to write some posts on it also. Now that at least it don’t look so dead around here.

Now that i have worked on the posting intervals, i would like to invite everyone who wanted me to link them to comment with their preferred name and of course, your website link.

Been testing out some new softwares these few days, me being the simplicity freak, would definitely loves to look at articles with the names like great alternatives to windows software AKA bloatwares. As all articles are, i would not agreed with all the recommendations that they have provided. The exception would be of course Apple’s Itunes. despite being slow at startups and the huge collections of music you have to organise if you didn’t opt for the option to let Itunes organise your music files

ps: even if you does allow, eventually it will still turn out to be huge brunch of messy music files.

Back to the topic of testing of some new softwares, it’s actually Pidgin and Mozilla Firefox. With Firefox very near to the actual release date and also in it’s final beta, it’s actually pretty safe to be using Mark 3.0 now.

The first thing that actually impressed me would be importing of all my profiles from Mark 2.0, aside some add-ons not compatable with Mark 3.0. This new version of Firefox is keeping all the original functions on the top task bar, yet changing the icons brings a new refreshing look to it.

All in all, i am not going to delve deeeeep into the specific new functions and going to give a ‘temporary’ concluson. ITS DAMN GOOD.

Bottom line: I love alternatives and choices to boring windows softwares, and Firefox 3 is always on top.

Another great software i am going to introduce is Pidgin, a multi-protocol messaging client. If you are not so IT-savvy, it means you can use msn, yahoo, google talk, AOL, IRC, QQ blah blah, you get the meaning. The latest version 2.4.1 have some major updates that even vetaran MSN user would appreciate, PULGINS. oh boy, how i love them, customising is always fun huh?

I am SERIOUSLY thinking to change over to pidgin, would you?

Bottom line: ok, i already have pidgin installed in my Fujitsu and using it constantly, why not change on ur temporary Acer.

HELL YEAH. i finished a pretty long (by my standards) post. Nothing much to warp everything up, tomorrow is monday, and it’s back to work guys. Till than, stay cool.

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