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Working in School can be a bore at times. When huge events come around, you have to put in your efforts to do most of the SK jobs, shifting logistics, simple admin matters or even just standing by to help.

The first thing that i do when i log on to the school provided laptop would be checking emails, facebook and gmail. After that i have practically nothing much to do. Now the currently job scope is to take care of the OSG orientation booth at agora halls for the enrollment, which i would have to agreed, can bore me at times.

Working at such a environment makes me wonder what type of jobs do i really love. my current diploma seriously won’t bring me far, yet i do not know what are the future demands, i mean in terms of other matters. i do felt that it’s time to do something, like planning out my future plans.

but i shall keep it open at the moment, things MIGHT not go the way i wanted to.

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Endless Holidays

Now with my Graduation in Republic Polytechnic, i am positively looking for a new interests in occupying my life with something new. in RP, i have my studies to look up to. During that time, i keep telling myself that i should focus on my studies (not forgetting her!) and nothing else. now that RP is step backwards, i should look forward and try out something new.

Yes i am working part time, i do value the experience working at Microware, but considering long term, i am actually looking at a job that i would really enjoy. i don’t really mind taking up another sales/marketing/promoting job, something else would be refreshing! oh well. i am going to take it slow for this job scouting aspect.

National Services is coming up real soon, but i got a problem. my weight is telling me that i am seriously not ready for the tough physical excerise that is prepared for me, and i am not doing anything to train up my body.  anyone can call me a NS noob, i really don’t know what is going to happen when i am inside, than again, the MAIN thing for me is to train up this body as soon as possible.

Someone please motivate me to do something. =(

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