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Only one

When i mention the word LEVIS, one would think of the signature jeans that they are famous for.

The main point is the first product that i buy from Levis is actually a watch, and i loved it. Pity i need to bring for servicing. wonder if they replace the glass panel.

SOBS. i really loved that watch, i don’t mind it being a bit heavy on my left waist. i loved it for NOT its price, but the value of the watch.

PLUS i don’t need to worry people wearing the same watch as me. XD that’s comforting enough.

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When i am feeling bored, i surf Google Readers for my daily fix of RSS feeds, or drop by facebook to check out some of my applications (heroes abilities. LOL!), or back to the grandfather of social networking websites, Friendster.


Now without school, i believe i should write more blog post just to keep myself entertained.

Not that you might have noticed, some of the people that i met during the Chinese New Year was not into the CNY mood. To me, CNY is about visiting relatives, collecting hongbao and GAMBLING.  As you can see, the cash flow is very MASSIVE. in and out.

Back to the topic of CNY being ‘moodless’, i must be hanging out with friends that don’t visit much! As for my case, i stayed at my grandma house and it don’t require me to visit relatives house (COS they AKA ‘MONEY’ come automatically!). all i have to do is to visit my father’s side grandma house and catch up with my cousin (only one).

OHH! i have been talking about CNY yet i didnt mention this at all.


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