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December Rain

Monsoon Season do nothing to dampen my mood. what’s a better time to write in a new entry when tomorrow is the last day of school before school close for the new year, and in the span of 3 weeks. Christmas will come (with the huge haul of perverted brangas), New Year (the same thing) and Mr Tay birthday.

Before i start nagging about the importance of this big day *hint hint*, Christmas would be most likely spent with my dearest dear, Ms Mandy Wen! LOL! The other day, the both of us was discussing about a English name for her, where i decided on a name that starts with a M.  She wanted to name herself Money Wen, which i thought it would sound so money-minded!

Oh my oh my, she can be so imaginative at times. i insisted on Mandy. =)

Christmas AS usual, is celebrated at somebody house i guess. Orchard Road would remains as the hottest hangout place for those who don’t have a plan for Christmas and New Year, teenagers and brangas would probably hang out at Cineleisure, and alleys. Spray Cans remains the ‘must buy’ item for shoppers and brangas. i would seriously prefer err small parties. =)

Now that i am done with the other stuffs, i have nothing to nag for my big day.  I just wanna lie down and slack the day away.

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Intel is looking very strong with it’s Core 2 Duo (Extreme!) processor chips, and look like they are throwing AMD behind, very much further than you thought.

Before the mass audience are getting used to the Core 2 Duo chipsets, Intel is already thinking on the next generation processor. In my opinion, it might be Intel’s greatest mobile processor.

Not that i want to explain things very technically, basically its built on the 45 nm architecture and what does that mean? it means smaller processor, lesser heat and more power.

i am still skeptical on the power thing. calculating in percentage, the Core 2 Duo platform out performs the Core Duo by 20% (depending on usage and such). it would be best if the new 45nm processor to outperform by 30%. but its really unlikely to be such a case.

to be honest, i would not like to delve too deep into the technical aspect. i am just jealous why i am using a very lousy AMD processor, while the world is enjoying the duo generations. being IT savvy have its good point, firstly, when u are deciding on a notebook, you won’t simply believe that have ATI graphic card sticker on the laptop would mean that it would be super smooth with playing games.

my foot.

oh ya, the promoter that said having a dedicated graphics card meaning your screen will be clearer than a one having a integrated card is so going to hell for lying to customers.

i didnt know South Asia computers would hire such a inexperienced promoters. ROFL.

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I actually copied the title from someone else blog, which in turn also update blog in a very long time. In context to the previous post, Sitex came and went. not something to be shout about, except for the extremely strong competition and a morale talk by Sam.

I also set a personal record for the amount of sales in a day for your information. Sales number doesn’t not determine everything for me, but it does affect my mood for the day to a certain extent. when that happens, Ms Wen will come and send me a 3 message long message (u get me?)

The last day was difficult to get by, when i got a terrible voice. Marcus and Cheng Rui goes super hyper and laughing at my voice. oh man, days with them seems fun.

Facebook is going to a all time low, with it 15 billion valuation. Just when i thought that the privacy thing is not big deal, and i saw this.


Although it’s not directing at the privacy thing, Top search result should be pretty common, but damn singapore. i never knew you were into such things.

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