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Sitex is coming!

As usual i will be working for Asus laptops. having a not very impressive record for the previous IT show, thus i am not expecting much from this particular show also.

NOT. my ass if i am not expecting anything.

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In regards to the previous post on powerhouse Google, here is another article from PC world on whether Microsoft is still the big bad wolf that everyone feared. Not to bash Microsoft, but Windows Live Services is not very attractive to me.

Let me list out the Windows products that i am using on my servicing (getting back next friday) laptop

Internet Browser – Firefox with IE tabs (many more!), i make use of the IE tabs because i can access school LEO and webmail using IE on the Firefox Platform.
Email Client – bare bones Thunderbird, perhaps i am not a email person and i do NOT spend so much time on emails. TB starts up faster than Outlook, but hey! i still do use office 07 as my main productive application.
Office Productivity – Office 07, provided as a freeware from the Republic.
Media player – VLC player for videos and Itunes for music, Itunes is not the best application out there in the market, but it just so cool to have a Macintosh app on a Windows based laptop.

That’s my current list as for now. others would be redundant. what’s yours? place them in the comments!

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Considering that Google is now the 5th most valuable company in the world, only behind the likes of Exxon Mobil (Oil Giants if i am right), Microsoft (DUH) and AT&T (All the iphones huh), it’s not difficult to see what other markets is Google trying to venture into.

Man.  i cant believe i am reading all this “politics” and chimology stuffs, is that signs of me growing old or the internet is just creeping up into me. Being a avid ‘feeder’ of the Internet, i read quite a few websites on a number of topics like productivity, technology, gaming and even food blogs (desmond went ewww when he knew about it, no big deal kiddo)

While going through all this, the word ‘hidden addiction’ came into my mind. i wonder does fellow ‘feeder’s goes to which weird websites or even admit to be addicted on playing lames java games.

I am not afraid to say so. i err check my warbook (facebook) everyday, and i check my gmail and not my webmail everyday even though i know that there wouldn’t be any read useful email coming in.

what about you? leave them in the comments 🙂

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I walked back from school the other day, and at such a late timing, i am not surprised that there isn’t anyone on the same path as me.

it was than that a strange feeling went over me. after a long day in school, i feel calm inside, it was like everything is running at a faster pace than me. the cars sped pass, the crickets screamed. it was like the world didn’t even notice me walking by.

in no time, i reached home. opened the wooden door, the first thing that i see is my mum. she noticed me and smiled.

home sweet home.

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