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Rotten Tomatoes

What is more worse than staying at home with absolutely nothing to do, only with my DS lite to entertain me and a lousy laptop to use on. At least i got my PP report approved, it’s really about time i sit down and seriously completed the report, even though it was just a simple SWOT analysis on a frigging company.

To add on, Brandon is being super annoying but shouting at his loudest every two minutes and irritating me when i am playing on my DS lite.

Now i shall go and find some food to kill time.

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Superbad is about this two co-dependent kids worrying about whether they can get laid on graduation night, and various events that leads to their separation.

the interesting part about the movie is that its actually based on a actual real life story by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (not everything are original definitely) The movie is M18, hence you can expect a lot F word flying all over, and usual ‘knocked up’ style of jokes. this is considered by critics of being a mainsteam American comedy, and i am sure it would not be major hit in a Asian country like Singapore.

To tell the truth, i tell my friends to watch ‘knocked up’ this movie, and they asked me what is it. damn. you guys should really surf more internet. i must admit, i learned some valuable stuffs on the internet. it’s not as bad as you think, the R21 stuffs only make up like err 10% of what is in the World Wide Web.

Anyway as the movie is from the same production team that made ‘The 40 year old virgin’ and ‘Knocked up’ i knew i have to watch this somehow, BUT not illegally.

Ohh well.

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If there is anything that would stop me from blogging, blame it all on her. really i am not joking. she is my world.

Before i go into the details (i think not), i shall change the topic to something that is not so NC-16. this is always a kids-friendly blog, with all the games reviews, random posts that is supposed to make people laugh (damn, i am sure i failed at that)

Sadly, those waiting for a proper update from my sad life, there is none. to be truthful, these few days have been filled with microware, republic, Ms Wen.

Yup i am have been working quite a fair bit for this month, and SORRY to the pool kakis that i am not able to make it for any pool chionging session. i am pretty sure you all can kick my ass on the table, and i am willing to sit through the night.

Talking about work, i hit my personal target for the month within 2 days, with Acer Roadshow at Funan, its all about luck, determination and the chiongster attitude. Only with stealing customer, you than can really reach high sales (and high salary) for the day. The only downside would be the place is filled with competitive people with the same mindset. sigh. i am not very good at this.

“Acer computers are cheap computers! and they shutdown within 10 minutes of booting up!”

The above was mentioned by one particular customer on the previous weekend, i knew at once that she didnt take proper care of her laptop, and come in straight to bash at Acer’s laptop. Lucky for me, i kept my cool and try to debate over the shutting down issue, redirect her to Asus computers, and guess what she say.

WHAT IS ASUS? later like another ACER.

To talk like this, i think i got a understanding of how much she knows about computers. god bless them. *pray*

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Change in blog title

it’s been quite a while since i did major overhaul to this particular ‘no life’ blog. it’s err been rather low in activity, or is it that i am simply too lazy to blog for others to view.

Ms Wen – Tay

This title would probably remind you of her, which is just too cute for you to see.

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