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Ghost Month

this is not a very good month for me, but on a personal level. i err bought myself a NDS Lite. with the R4 car, mini SD card, Protective Case and Screen guard!


Anyone wanna challenge? =) i welcome any challenges for Mario Kart. LOL

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I am a cook!

Always look beneath the beneath.


OK, those who watched Naruto manga would understand this. What does it have to do with today’s post. i err watched Ratatouille at Bugis Junction 8 today!

If there is anything i would want to complain about the whole movie experience, it would be the seats. Shaws doesn’t really have fantastic seats. i was telling her that if there is someone taller than me sitting in the front seats, it would have been GGed.

Back to the movie Ratatouille, which has quite a well thought’ed out plotlines (perhaps because of the loveable characters and the RATS of course) is very much suitable for everyone else to watch. kids will love it. teens will love it(both of us did, unless u readers don’t consider us as teens.) adults who tried to act like kids will love it.

Story: Ratatouille tells about a tale of a Rat called Remy who is inspired by France’s recently deceased top chef, Auguste Gusteau (goos – too. something along that line.), he than tries to live the life of a gourmet.

Simple storylines when you read on paper or watched the trailer, but it’s really more than what the posters and trailer tells you. As usual, i would not want to spoil the story for you, because of the brilliant reviews that critics have given to the movie. Always remember that anyone can cook!

Like all typical pixar movies, the animation team would come up with another short movie before the actual movie. this time round, Lifted gave a different perspective (or shall i say comedical look at how alien abducted humans to their spaceships ) to what will happen when they are new to handling such scenarios. the poor little alien really look exactly like how we are reacting when we are taking our Car License.

For those who wishes to view the short film, it’s actually available in Youtube (if i am right)

Aftermath thoughts : somewhat of a motivated mood. Pixar always incorporate details from other films like Cars and also Finding Nemo. the theme is definitely going for your dreams even when the whole world is against you. in Remy Situation, would you pursue your dreams when you know that it’s almost 0% to succeed? it’s a animation movie after all, but i really appreciate the effort in making details like which part of the shirt will stick to the body when u come out of water. (i heard they really did that in real life by having one of the animators to jump into the swimming pool wearing a kitchen suit).

Wall – E is the next upcoming movie by pixar, and is directed by the same guy who bought you Finding Nemo. i CANT WAIT. LOL

Trust me. Watch it.

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A game of teamwork. which i am pretty much playing these few days.  why am i mentioning all these stuffs? because i played a super bad game today. A game is just a game. can’t really think too much about it. leisure games without me spending any money. 😛

when people start to earn money, they want to spend their hard earned money on something to pamper themselves. i agree with the spending, but what should you spend on when u are not sure what u can spend on? i am sure that most people would not want to save everything up. i do! than again, looking at all the possibilities (or rather ) luxury items.

i myself have been telling myself that i wanted a DS so that i could play it on the road towards work or free time in school. Toshiba might be able to supply me with the money if i work hard enough. months flew and my DS is still not coming in until the bloody boss decided to delay after a week, and finally asking my FYP teammate (u guess it, he is working for toshiba also) to drop the cheque for me.

now with the money in hand, i ask myself again whether i should get my DS. is it really worth all my effort? Gaming machine age pretty quickly and i am admit, i am really getting the DS for the old games. considering that its still the hottest selling portable gaming machine in the world. more than the Wii and Xbox 360 (i don’t even want to mention Petty Station 3), i am still as excited when i decided on buying a DS for myself.

if i am petty and count the days i spend to get my DS, it’s one frigging semester(ok 6 months for those who don’t know how to count). HELL i am not lying.

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First they produced motherboards than advanced into Laptops. now wooden ones?

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i see balls.

OK. the title is not really me thinking the wrong side. BUT I REAALLY WANNA PLAY POOL LA. for you guys snooker fanatics, Orchid Country Club is going to host a first time ever Snooker Competition. anyone interested? or rather anyone have information on it? =D

For those NP,SP, NYP and TP. awww. take care of those troublesome EXAMS before you can do anything. =D

God Bless.

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7th Month

If i remembered right, yesterday is the start of the Getai Seasons, there’s even a website set up for IT Savvy Getai fanatics, than again, that’s not what i am referring to.

Naa. she knows it

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A not-so-professional review/critic at movies that caught my eyes

Secret is the latest movie by Jay Chou, which i really appreciates, not only in terms of Music but also his efforts in making his own movie. (i mean the director himself)

What’s a better way to kick start his directing career than to direct a movie of his first love. i remembered him saying that having a relationship between 14 -20 is the so called ‘happiest’ moment, because there isn’t any burden to bear.

Overall i must admit that i have mixed feelings about this movie. the good things about this movie is that it’s shot beautifully. set in the1970s, the uniforms are pretty (i would loved to wear such uniforms to school) accompanied with a old school. plenty of humor and both the lead female characters are very very very very very pretty.

bad is a unbelievable story. i am not bashing the whole concept, and i really dun wish to spoil the story away. let’s just sum it up in one sentence, no i mean one word. secret. =)

i would wish to comment on the ending where Jay might leave the audience wanting more. not a bad thing overall, because this would really leave to audience imagination what really happens.  really hope that she enjoy the movie, cos i am not very sure she did enjoy or not.

ok. now tell me. did i spoil the movie? 7.3/10

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Putting on your headphones is a universal language for “do not disturb” and i swear it really works.

i am bored in school and i come across this particular article on 10 quick and (well, almost) painless ways to kill distraction.

hey! i am contributing to this dying blog. support me.

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Back From Work

Yup. As the name have implied, i just came back from a long day of work.

Not a very eventful day, with Steward winning me 4-2. take a guess what does that means. he took down 3 before i can take one down. LOL at me trying very hard not to give away any clues for this.

Definitely learned some other ‘marketing’ tactics from the man who introduced me to Microware. hope the Sales for the 4th floor can increase by the month ends. CHIONG AR.

OPPS? have i leaked out more clues on what does the score thingie means?

Heard that Yiwen (Fuchun Sec) work at Funan as a full-timer also! which definitely (ARGH) earns more than i do. talking about money, i am so fed up that i feel like pulling that agent’s hair out.

Can i?

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Why is PM Lee alway seen wearing that pink shirt, when he comes to visit important functions? i am not picky over such things, especially when Patriotic Day is around the corner. =D

Prof Low have to perform as his guide while he actually view the Agora exhibitions showcasing the various school and centres on the learning structure and other bullshit of RP. oh well, i had fun with the juniors, ogling at the big shot cars (BMW especially) photos and such. what a day.

hell yeah, i looked good in blazers.

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