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the feeling of deleting everything is so good.

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what a dumbass. i am beginning to respect Sony for what they are doing to help push PS3 sales and making it a contender to Nintendo and Microsoft.

but what the hell are u doing now?

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Yup, that’s the percentage jump after Sony announced the price cut of $100. it’s also the number one item on amazon. now the PS3 price tag should be $699.

Affordable? HELL YEAH.

E3 is happening in US from today till 13th July. all i hope is more news from Square Enix, and NO news about Nintendo DS redesign or whatever shit. hey wait, wouldn’t be a price cut be good? oh come on Nintendo. it’s been 6 months since your last cut.

100 will do? i am sure that the percentage jump around 5600% if u do.

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cold joke

i really liked that adidas jacket lei! should i get it?

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if you think that i am going to mentioned about summers. NO! in fact it’s the pool season now! pool fever all over me.

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