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i am not working these weekend and she is not on my side. why!?


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eyes shut

What? A blog post with the title of FCUK to entertain you fantastic readers. Being the avid reader of internet news (all kinds, trust me), due to the power of Google readers which ‘feed’ me all kinds of information. hey i gave my readers some very important news and that is FFXIII is not going to be released till next year April (after the price drop in Christmas as reported by Sony). this is so sad! the PS3 need some pump, i mean games to help push sales!

Anyway Network Security UT2 just completed today and how was it you asked? ‘Normal, I have done my best in attempting the questions and ya, the usual copying and pasting.’

As it’s summer right now over in US and pretty much the rest of the world (i wonder why we don’t have any form of summer breaks simply because that would be brilliant for the slacky student), and i would normally term this period of time the movie seasons. with blockbuster movies coming out each week, Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Ocean 13 and Fantastic 4. (For those who have watched, did you see Stan Lee?) I laughed my ass off when he was denied access to Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Women’s wedding.

Other than the hanging out at the cinema, it’s basically school matters for me. Coping with changing classes and unstable grades, I got FYP! Which Clinston and Anand are handling the whole coding application? I should really buck up on that area.

Is talking about my own personal life a tad too boring? I thought so too as I have read a lot of teeny weenie blogs and can’t stand their style of writing…
1) it makes simple words like you (or ‘u’ for the lazy ass) to complicated words like d euu lub mme
2) thus making readers can’t understand what the fuck you are talking
3) judging from past experience, the most common used terms would b ‘haisss’, ‘SIANX’ and ‘hahahs’
4) my best advice is to press the red button with a cross in it.

coming back to the point, where I mentioned Blogging is not all about writing journal, some readers might not want to read your own life story if it’s really common. Imagine the title ‘ a day in school’ ‘yeah I finally finish school le! School was really boring, teacher also like dun wanna care de, so we just sit there and slack till recess lor! Than eat ba cho mee… ‘

I bet you know what is going to happen next, in which my opinion is that it’s just redundant writing of your life. I would rather I post something that is meaningful and also making sure that there is a subject for writing the post.

Oh wait this post looks like some random thoughts from me!

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i can’t wait. oh wait? they are predicting PS3 to sell more than 10 million before they released it?

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trust me, Google Reader can really suck the time of your internet time.

USE IT. naah, i am not sad about the previous posts. i got wonderful friends

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come on

Create your own Friend Test here

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Clinston got this weird idea, i didn’t know whether if his workload have stress him too much that he decided to stay in school for the night. i am referring to last night, in which Clinston, Peng Kee (the EXCOs) and me stayed in school for the night.

By right, I are supposed to do some FYP work, while the President and Social Secretary have to finish up on their AGM stuffs. By left, we did something else which isn’t part of doing proper work.

Now that i am home, shall not rant about what happened in school. i did some coding for the application, shall continue tomorrow. =)

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A few hours back, Apple released Safari for Windows XP and above. being someone excited over the WWDC07, i went on and try out the browser.

The installation is pretty okay, and no other programs need to be close before installing the program. on the other hand, The un-installation was pretty weird, other than the fact that it requires you close other internet application (Internet Explorer n Firefox) and also your MSN live Messager to continue for the removing of the program from Windows. this makes me wonder if it got something to do with the internet protocol. if that’s the case, than why it didn’t prompt me when i am installing.

During usage, i noticed the fonts used is bold as compared to the one used in Fx and IE, which is a bit difficult to digress on my part. maybe it’s on my own preference. for those who can’t stand the fonts can actually change the settings in the preferences windows, a similar feature is also very obvious in Itunes.

other than that, the features found in the ‘option’ are really similar to the one found in Fx and IE7. IMO if you are looking for a fantastic lightweight application to use as a alternative to IE7, look somewhere else. for those web-developer who wanted to view their sites in Safari (thus opening up market to those die-hard Apple users), this might be a good chance to download and keep it in your PC for future uses. for those who owned a Blogspot/Wordpress/LiveJournal might give this latest Apple download a try, JUST to see how their website looks like in Safari.

wait, isn’t that under the same catagories with Web Developer, no matters.

The final verdict is.. huge memory hog on those running on 512mb ram computer. those who are running 1gb laptops might not be able to feel the strain, but at only two tabs opened, it can already eat up your memory like fuck, which is a big killer+turn off. my above review is based on my own opinion, considering that it’s only in it’s beta version, there isn’t much to rant about.

still i might consider and try it out again, when it fix its memory bug. i dun want my ram to burn up again.

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