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Apple I

Macbook Pro

both the 15 inches model looks really tempting. any choice in the middle of these two?

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After playing around with WordPress, and I still don’t understand how to enable anonymous commenting! Hence I am opening all invitation to include your link in my blog to my msn.

It means there is now three ways to contact me; you can either EMAIL me at ioahaij@gmail.com or MSN me at linus_tay@hotmail.com or leave a comment at my blog mrtay.wordpress.com WITH a WordPress account. The third choice is a bit of a redundant, since you are already reading this blog.

Nevertheless, I am very tired; all I want is my pay to come ASAP. Money makes the world spin and it makes me spin. My current wish list is…

1) Puma Jacket – hopefully they still got stock for this, and I would love to get one more for her.
2) A step closer to NDS – Amanda is also getting this! The price for one should have drop by the time I saved up for the current price (which is S$199) if I am right.
3) Financial Freedom

The last point is somewhat a dream to me, and I am sure I have to slog it out to make it happen. If you are wondering and I am sure that people would agree that, when you are financially free, you can do basically everything you want. I don’t want to sound very money-minded, and I know that I can’t buy everything with money.

Than again, the question of wants/needs come in. do I really need to buy so many superficial things or should I be content with I have now. My answer to this would be: I want to make something out of whatever I am doing. i cannot say that I don’t like what I am doing now, whether it’s my current job or studies.

So I must buck up! I shall write such motivation post every now and than, can really be treated as motivation and reminder to how lucky I am. =) ADD OIL!

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I am surprised at my own productivity and work done for today. Let me recall back a little. First I was sort of discouraged when i got my C for Digital Security and Forensics module last week, plus this two dominant classmate was in the same team as me due to lack of teammates. Does that ensure another C for me? I don’t know, but i will definitely know when the results come out.

Luckily for me, the lesson for today is rather fun, despite the two ‘strong’ teammates. We perform a seizure (as stated in the title) of a crime scene. Although a lot of mistakes were made and we have to stand in front of the class (saying, ‘YAR HOR’ and smile), nevertheless the lessons is still quite fun. Asking sensible questions like why should we off the computer or are we allow to touch the computer, and how? The answer turns out to ‘it depends on the situation’. dots.

I noticed something. i just can’t seems to spell correctly the word seizure. I know I didn’t do very well for my ‘O’ levels. But hey i am on my way to a diploma, so no one cares. After our long and draggy lesson (as commented by James), it’s lunch+afternoon tea+half dinner with HY and James. Guess what I ate. Curry Chicken Rice! The first thing James ask is, ‘you got eat spicy de meh?’

“Curry considered as spicy meh?”

I have actually tried the Japanese Curry Katsu rice which in fact is not spicy at all, considering that the Japanese actually don’t prefer eating spicy food. Comparing to the traditional food in Korea, it’s really weird that there is so many difference in their taste buds. Still, correct me if I am wrong. In regards to the above question, I myself don’t know the answer. The Curry Chicken Rice is pretty average. i don’t have much to rant about, considering that it only cost me S$2.50

After that, I followed James and HY for their FYP. We took some time to find where is the quiet room as quoted by ZM, who would have know that he actually chose the corner room all the way back in the library 3rd floor. James and HY continued on discuss on their FYP while I settle down outside to finish up my daily work (quizzes and RJs) and finally starting some work on my DFD. argh, which is a chore to do. Someone please motivate me again.

PS: oh ya. someone teach me how to enable anonymous comments or something along that line? PRETTY PLEASE?

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black and white II

no particular reasons on why i want to put that as a title, just that this thought just pop up when i am creating this particular blog.

anyway i am back at home, these few days i have been doing some thinking about my laptop. this lappy of mine decided to cock up a few times in a row, which have been costing me alot of money! =( not that i want all these to happen at the same time. =( i cant prevent all these also ma. =(

anyway i have decided to change over to Mac OSX. i should start to save up, now that i have a job, with some sort of a stable income (not much but still able to buy something) start slow and gain more experience while i find another better one.

hopefully what i have mentioned in this blog would come true. i noticed that i didn’t do everything that i have promised. i need to buck up! FYP? CHIONG AR.

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black and white I

i am getting used to wordpress already, and i am blogging in the midst of my 2nd breakout! typing on my new keyboard! something which i loathe bringing it to school, adding extra weight to my bag. sigh.

nevertheless more updates laters.

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i guess i am here to stay. hope wordpress dun give me pages that say i am not connected to their server. please! for those who want me to add your link, can u leave a comment in the following format?

Name: <the name u want me to put>
Link: <blog address>

the main reason i am pushing this, is i hope that i can link you and you can link me as well. u get my drift?

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